Mike Vick’s Hard-Knock House Arrest Holiday BBQ

It’s no secret that last week Michael Vick was released from prison to home confinement; it seems like every major media outlet in the country rolled the completely boring footage of Vick’s entourage rolling up to his Virginia manse. With nowhere to go, you might think the nation’s most famous construction worker would have a rough time around the house with nothing to do for the next few months.

Michael Vick Memorial Day BBQ

Think that no more, friends. While the world’s pre-eminent authority on everything, WIKIPEDIA, describes house arrest as a “punitive measure” meant to be an alternative to prison time, it’s hard to see what exactly is punitive about this lakeside Memorial Day BBQ held at Vick’s house in Virginia. TMZ somehow had an operative on the scene who got photo proof of Vick’s oh-so-rough life under arrest.

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