Heisman Trust Demands Bush Return His Trophy

On June 7, Paul Pabst of the Dan Patrick Show first broke the news that Reggie Bush’s family had loaned his rogue Heisman Trophy to a San Diego Museum.

San Diego Hall of Champions President Al Kidd and Reggie Bush

(SD Museum President Bailed On Displaying Bush Heisman Trophy)

On June 29 I reported that according to a source close to the Bush family, the now-disgraced, ex-USC Trojan had decided not to return his personal copy of the Heisman Trophy to the Heisman Trust. The next day the president of the museum in possession of the trophy, Al Kidd of the San Diego Hall of Champions, said he had “every intention” of displaying the trophy in a public exhibit.

Kidd has since had a change of heart.
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