Mexican Soccer Player Threatens With Swine Flu

In case you’ve been buried under a rock for the past few weeks, this whole swine flu thing is becoming a pretty big deal. After all, when four or five states shut down high school athletics altogether, you know they’re worried about transmitting it from player-to-player and fan-to-fan. That’s what makes this story all the more disturbing, since Hector Reynoso, a defender from Chivas Guadalajara, spent the latter portion of his team’s Copa Libertadores match against CD Everton (Chile) coughing, spitting and shooting mucous on the face of Everton’s Sebastian Penco.

chivas guadalajara player blows snot

That’s right, a soccer player from an area near the heart of the swine flu outbreak spent a good little portion of his team’s tie with a foreign opponent (from a country where the swine flu outbreak has been significantly more limited) trying to pass along his germs, just in case he does have swine flu. And he was committed to spreading them, as you can see from the video after the break.

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