Bobby Jenks Admits To Intentionally Headhunting

It’s an established fact that most pro athletes see the media as annoyance that should be ignored, misled, and undermined at every turn. Lately, we’ve seen athletes deflect questions about things like steroids by feigning ignorance or outright lying. It’s frustrating as a fan to be treated with such disdain and indifference by athletes whose careers wouldn’t even exist without fans’ willingness to shell out money for tickets and merchandise. It’s also frustrating as a reporter to be constantly stonewalled on every question and every issue.

bobby jenks horrible goatee

(Guilty … of being sexy.)

Enter butt-loving pitcher Bobby Jenks of the Chicago White Sox. On Saturday, Jenks fired a wicked fastball behind Texas Rangers second baseman Ian Kinsler. When asked about it after the game, did Jenks feign ignorance or give the standard non-answer answer about control issues? If you guessed yes, you don’t know much about Bobby Jenks.

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