Tyler Hansbrough Is Proud Of Your Hatred Of Him

With the NCAA tournament getting under way in two hours, you’re no doubt getting ready for one of the best days of the year. Hopefully you’ve called in sick to work so you could stay home and watch it as God intended you to — on your couch and drunk — but if not, at least you can watch it all online or on your phone. Whatever your method is, all that’s truly important is that you’re not doing anything remotely productive.

One of the best parts of watching the tournament is rooting for the underdog. Sure, you may have North Carolina, Duke, UConn, or Louisville in your final four in the office bracket pool, but there’s always a part of you rooting for the Binghamtons and Radfords of the world. It’s just too easy to hate on the big dogs, which is something that North Carolina’s Tyler Hansbrough understands, and it turns out that’s cool with him. He loves the hate.

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