‘Happy Gilmore Swing’ On Golf Course Illegal?!

David Clark Scott of CSMonitor.com reports on a bizarre, golf-related court ruling in Canada recently. Justice Arthur J. LeBlanc recently ruled that running up to the ball to whack it, like Adam Sandler in the movie Happy Gilmore, should be considered a legal breach of “the standard of care owed to other players on the course.”

Happy Gilmore Swing

“I am convinced that the “Happy Gilmore” shot,” wrote Judge Le Blanc in his decision, “would have been less controllable than a normal tee shot, both because it involved a run-up to the ball (rather than an aimed shot from a stationary position) and because the defendant had been drinking throughout the day

Uh, Ohhh-kay. So why the heck did this even come in a Canadian court? Read more…