Romanian Press Milks Simona For All She’s Worth

Last week, in trying figure out why 17-year-old Romanian tennis pro Simona Halep was in such a hurry to get a breast reduction, I examined the European press coverage of her dilemma.

Simona Halep Hooters Reduced To Sesame Street Sound FX By Romanian TV

(Stay Classy, Transylvania)

After discovering my post and the pix I posted of Halep in late April, overseas media predictably went hog-wild over her oft-heaving hooters. From that, I concluded that Halep’s haste was somewhat-based on the uncomfortable coverage by the regional press.

Simona Halep Ripped Apart By European Press For Breast Reduction

(With That Hed, Next Rupert Murdoch Acquisition?)

That was before I recently saw a video piece from Romanian television about her enormo torpedoes. I’m now utterly convinced that it was embarrassing media attention in Halep’s home country that sped the demise of her once-titanic top shelf.

Simona Halep Serena Williams Monster Tennis Boobs

(Got Shutter Speed?)

Aforementioned video after the jump. (Richter scale-proof browsers suggested.)

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More New Pix Of Simona Halep You Haven’t Seen

Yesterday I broke the first post-breast reduction photo of Simona Halep. Today I was forwarded more photos of her after her surgery.

Simona Halep's First Photos After Breast Reduction Surgery


I must say, she isn’t shy about showing off her new look. So in case anyone is wondering, she doesn’t seem to be having second thoughts about her decision. Good for her. I guess.

New pics after the jump. Read more…

1st Photo Of Simona Halep After Breast Reduction

*UPDATE*: More new photos of Simona Halep after breast reduction surgery have been posted.

In late April I first posted year-old photos of Romanian teen Simona Halep competing at the 2008 French Open. Since then, the exact same photos have swept around the world - and subsequently led to the European media hounding Halep about the incredible size (and buoyancy!) of her breasts.

Simona Halep's First Photo After Breast Reduction Surgery

Halep, sadly, did not take kindly to the SbB-wrought media crush and soon proclaimed that she was going to have breast-reduction surgery.

And as it turns out, she was serious. The first post-op photo of her after the jump. Read more…

Still Abreast Of Tennis’ Most Notable Floatables?

By now you know that on April 24, SbB made anonymous Romanian tennis player Simona Halep an internet sensation by posting photos of her from the 2008 Junior French Open. Since then, my original post has been viewed around 500,000 times, spawning scores of copycat website posts across the internet that feature the same year-old photos I originally posted. (And it’s STILL a top story in Hungary this week)

Simona Halep Monster Tennis Boobs

(Crappy Windows Vista default butterfly wallpaper be gone! *right clicks*)

When I quietly posted the pics onto SbB from my bed (not what you’re thinking) that day, I never dreamt that Halep would soon be hounded by media about her breast size. And that she would thereafter reveal she was getting a *gasp* breast reduction.

It makes me wonder … if I hadn’t posted the photos, and Halep hadn’t received the subsequent insane, unwanted scrutiny, would she have decided to take such drastic action?

Such imponderables are what keep me awake as I, like all Angelenos, anxiously await my nightly overdose of sports media backwash. (Los Angeles!!!!! SportsCenter)

It was complete coincidence that I posted the photos of Halep right before the French Open, where she had enjoyed her career highlight a year earlier. (She won the Junior French Open.) So you would think that all the folks who poached my post previously reported on Halep’s notable floatables would be following her on-court progress.

And of course, you would be wrong.

So I’m here to correct that bizarre oversight, along with offering up another phenomenal photo of her you probably haven’t seen.  Read more…

Simona Halep To Have Breast Reduction Surgery

Tragedy my friends has struck the world of women’s professional tennis.

Simona Halep Monster Tennis Boobs

No, Billie Jean King’s gender re-assignment plan is still full steam ahead. But I regret to inform you of some very, very tragic news emanating out of Romania. Read more…