My Crazy Days Covering Hottie Georgia Gymnasts

Saw Chandler’s post Monday on the Georgia women’s gymnastics team and it brought back memories. My first foray into sports media was actually covering the team as a student for UGA’s daily RED AND BLACK.

Georgia Gym Dog Look But Don't Touch

(I also needed chalk - hours later in my locked dorm room)

I remember pining for the gymnastics beat at a R & B staff meeting because the gymnasts, despite some obvious post-pubescent issues, were far and away the hottest females on campus. And that included the putrid-perfumed, annoying-accented sorority members populating Milledge Ave.

Suzanne Yoculan Cruella DeVille

(Yoculan was like Cruella, but in a good way, of course!)

That fact was made all the more impressive when you consider every morning on campus you couldn’t swing a dead cat without swiping a hungover hottie heading to her 7:50. Even I cleaned up nicely on the social circuit back then, well before the Detroit Lions-esque losing streak that now plagues me. Read more…