Arena Gives Out Golden Tix To See Every Game

For as long as we can remember, Boston sports fans have had something of a reputation as being somewhat, well, annoying. Between the annoying Bahhston accent, the drunken loudmouthery, and the devotion bordering on obsession, the stereotypical Boston fan can be too much for normal people to take. It wasn’t so bad when their teams were known more for historic ineptitude, but their recent string of championships have made them even more insufferable.

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory Golden Ticket

And while we try to leave all positive-slanted Boston sports stories to true professionals like KISSING SUZY KOLBER, when a story comes along that combines sports with charity, chocolate, Willy Wonka, and sports … well, we just can’t help ourselves. Those rather disparate elements joined forces today in Boston, where the management of TD Banknorth Garden gave away 19,600 chocolate bars, five Golden Tickets, and more importantly, one grand prize - attendance to every single TD Garden sporting event for the next year. No matter what teams you root for, that’s a hell of a prize.

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Cal Selling $225K PSLs To Prevent Quake Damage

Here at SPORTSbyBROOKS, we claim to be many things. Foremost amongst those things are sports fans, admirers of the female form, and chroniclers of the human condition. One position we have never claimed as our own is that of civil engineer and/or architect. That said, we here at SbB are pretty confident in saying that an earthquake fault line is a pretty freaking bad place to build a college football stadium.

Cal Dance Team

Unfortunately, SbB was not around 86 years ago to advise the University of California against building their football stadium directly atop the Hayward Fault line. Now the stadium is (surprise, surprise) crumbling away and, after exterminating the hippies from the premises, university officials have decided to bring the stadium up to modern earthquake-proofing standards. Guess who gets to pay for it? You guessed it - Cal’s ticket holders, loyal through decades of bad-to-mediocre football, will be footing the bill to the insane tune of up to $225,000…each.

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