Manu Ginobili Forced To Get 16(!) Rabies Shots

Jeff McDonald of the SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS-NEWS reports today that Manu Ginobili is facing four different sessions of rabies shots after he caught and killed a bat at the Spurs-Kings game last Saturday.

Video of Manu Ginobili Catching Killing Bat

(One more time for the PETA kooks)

Team officials could not locate the bat after Saturday’s game against Sacramento, so it could not be tested for disease. Which meant Ginobili will spend the next month getting a series of precautionary shots to protect against rabies.

While we all wince, the PETA kooks are high-fiving over early-bird Veggie burgers on L.A.’s Westside.  Read more…

PETA Protests Ginobili Bat-Kill, Because Whatever

Just yesterday, we brought you video of Manu Ginobili killing a bat that had interrupted play in a Spurs game from this weekend. The very first commenter on the page wondered aloud, “Where’s PETA now?”, knowing full well their outraged reply would be hitting the Internets at any moment.

Video of Manu Ginobili Catching Killing Bat

Lo and behold, here we are. Surprisingly, though, PETA had a reasoned, nuanced reaction that caused everybody to gain respect for their maturity in the field of animal ethics. In an op-ed posted at OPPOSINGVIEWS.COM, PETA released a statement acknowledging that the bat was causing a nuisance in an area where it never should have been in the first place, and that Ginobili’s actions, while unfortunately fatal, were a brief and expedient end to the situation.

Hahahaha, just kidding, they compared Manu to Michael Vick and basically pretended he was Satan.

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Video: Ginobili Catches, Kills Bat With Bare Hands

Video posted below from Manu Ginobili snatching a bat and killing it during Spurs-Kings game in S.A. last night:

Video of Manu Ginobili Catching Killing Bat

Hadn’t noticed Bruce Bowen had retired until the team’s former master of the rabid punch wasn’t there to make the play. Read more…