Surprise! Tiger Woods Sex Tape Doesn’t Exist

Own a washing machine company and want to sign Tiger Woods to an endorsement deal? You might want to hold off on that for now, as the golfer’s reputation is still mud. We know that because in the past month the main media has run with a story from the most dubious of sources, an adult film performer named Melinda Jannette.

Fake Tiger Sex Tape

Janette, stage-named Devon James, recently claimed that she had an hour-long sex tape featuring herself and Woods. Despite no evidence to suggest that Janette’s claim was anything more than a garden-variety extortion attempt, thousands of main media outlets reflexively reported her story to millions of readers, listeners and viewers.

Janette is now touting an actual release date of tape and soliciting pre-orders via a website, despite the fact that not even a porn production company would touch it. Today I looked into the ownership of that site and I’m sure you’ll be flummoxed to find out that Janette is the sole owner of the site, with her real name, home address and phone number listed as the site’s “administrator” and “technical contact.”

As for the company that is producing the sex tape supposedly featuring Tiger Woods, that would be, “Devon James productions.”

So what does it tell you about Tiger’s reputation that the media believes the golfer would actually be party to such an amateurish, sordid production?

Finally, today, brought some sanity to the Janette fiasco. Read more…