Boozy Billy Clyde’s Now Only Drankin’ ‘A Little’

Seeing as he’s my favorite hoops coach who suffers from a now-milder case of jaundice, I’m doing my best to keep the flame alive for Billy Clyde Gillispie.

Billy Gillispie Defensive Driving Course in Plano Texas

(Cant I get a side of ashtray for the ashes on my Angel Hair?)

Recently I invited you to attend his weekly DUI classes in Dallas at Spaghetti Factory and now I have another update on what BCG is getting hisself into.

Billy Gillispie

(BCG: What happened in Lex Vegas didn’t stay in Lex Vegas)

BCG lives in Plano, a nice suburb in Dallas, and I’ve heard that though booze clearly is the primary reason for his career derailment, he hasn’t stopped drankin’. A source apprised me recently that BCG is only hitting the sauce, “a little,” and that he’s been unseen on the party scene for some time.

As he continues his due DUI diligence, Billy Clyde is zeroing in on a few jobs that may come open as soon as the season is out. Read more…

Billy Gillispie: DUI Class At Spaghetti Warehouse

Last night Billy Gillispie attended a defensive driving class at the Spaghetti Warehouse restaurant in Plano, TX.

Billy Gillispie Defensive Driving Course in Plano Texas

(Coach will see ya next Tuesday)

Gillispie, who now lives in Plano, was busted for DUI back in September and the class is part of his court-ordered punishment. Read more…