Knight Abuse Video Gone As Son Drops F-Bombs

Seth Davis of CBS recently noted the stunning hypocrisy of how Texas Tech Athletic Director Gerald Myers has treated his high profile coaches the past four years: “Ironic that the school that fired Mike Leach for alleged player abuse wouldn’t even reprimand Bob Knight for popping a player in the mouth.

Bob Knight Punches Michael Prince

Davis is referencing a 2006 incident featuring Bob Knight “striking” (ESPN’s words, not mine) Texas Tech basketball player Michael Prince in the chin during a game against Gardner Webb.

The blow caused Prince’s head to snap back, but Myers did nothing to reprimand Knight at the time, who said later that he would do it again if placed in the same situation. Myers later said, “Coach Knight did not slap Michael.”

Knight has since left the Tech job, replaced by his son Pat Knight.

I’d love to show you the video of the Knight-Prince incident, but the evidence has mysteriously been pulled off Like Craig James, who helped hasten the termination of football coach Mike Leach at Texas Tech, Knight is now an employee of ESPN. Is it reasonable to think that ESPN might’ve deleted Knight “striking” a player in 2006 because of the Craig James-fueled incident?

Bob Knight Strikes Michael Prince

Regardless, I contacted ESPN public relations earlier today about the Knight video being pulled and have gotten no response. There were also two videos of the the ESPN broadcasted Knight-Prince incident on Youtube recently, but those have since been pulled. One had been up for three years until recently. Coincidence?

On the bright side, at least Bob Knight is gone from Lubbock and Red Raiders fans can now count on a classy coach in Pat Knight.

Pat Knight drops three fbombs at press conference

That is, if you consider dropping three f-bombs at a media press conference in 20 seconds classy - as Knight did on Tuesday night after Texas Tech was blown out by New Mexico. Why do I have a feeling “Coach Knight” won’t be hearing from Myers about his public profanity?

Video is after the jump. Since it isn’t ESPN video, perhaps it won’t get subsequently deleted. (Not that I’m implying in any way that ESPN did that with the Bob Knight video.)

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