PETA: UGA Should Use Robot Bulldog As Mascot

In the wake of UGA VII’s recent death, PETA blogger Logan Scherer has a novel suggestion about the direction the University of Georgia should take on its mascot.

UGA Georgia Bulldog Mascot

(For a nude PETA poster of October Gonzalez, how ’bout UGA robot coach?)

To help end the crisis—and UGA’s string of preventable mascot deaths—we’re asking the University to honor Uga VII by replacing him with an animatronic or solely using their costumed mascot, Hairy Dawg.

We can’t think of a more fitting legacy for Uga VII than to stop the breeding of animals, which causes so many lethal genetic problems like those that undoubtedly contributed to his untimely death.

You read that right kids, PETA wants the school to considering using a robot bulldog as its mascot on game day.

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