Report: Karl Has Cancer, To Continue Coaching

UPDATE: Ric Bucher reports tonight on that George Karl has contracted “treatable” throat cancer:

A biopsy determined that it was “very treatable and curable” form of throat cancer, Karl said, but it will still require an intense program of radiation and chemotherapy that will probably force him to miss some regular-season games.

Treatment will consist of 35 sessions over the next six weeks. The sessions are expected to leave his throat extremely raw, requiring him to be fed through his stomach in the final weeks. “Keeping up your nutrition is a big part of the challenge,” he said.

“I’m starting the treatments now in hopes I’ll be ready to go once the playoffs start,” he said. 

UPDATE:’s David Aldridge reports “Nuggets Coach George Karl will announce that he is undergoing chemotherapy treatments for cancer, not in prostate. Karl will continue to coach team while receiving treatments, but will miss some games later in the season.”

Benjamin Hochman of the DENVER POST reports tonight: “Sad news. An NBA source said George Karl is battling cancer agan.”

Report: George Karl has cancer

More from KUSA-TV in Denver:

Denver Nuggets Head Coach George Karl will miss several games because of a medical issue, 9NEWS has learned.

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