Purdue To Soon Decide If You’re a ‘Modern’ Fan

I’ve been to Lafayette, Indiana, and the Purdue campus many times to work sports broadcasts. When I think of Purdue, I think of two things:

Purdue Pete Gene Keady

1) Gene Keady’s hair.
2) A dreary, featureless campus and city straight outta an early ’70s Buddy Ebsen-starring sitcom. (Thought about early episodes of Rockford Files. Too contemporary.)

One of the few, if not only distinctive things about Purdue has always been its mascot, Purdue Pete. So I was perplexed by the school’s recent announcement that it planned to “update” the look of perhaps the best campus caricature in college sports.


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The reason? Cue Purdue assistant vice president for external relations Chris Sigurdson:

“Purdue Pete is not going away, but it is time for an updated image. It’s been 25 years since the last one. Modern fans, new century, probably deserve a little bit more modern Purdue Pete. But, the old Pete will still be around.”

So does being a Georgia Bulldogs fan classify me as prehistoric? Or just woefully out-of-style because we would never conceive of messing with our mascots?

Now that you’ve heard the carefully-crafted p.r. statement from Purdue on why the mascot will be overhauled, time for the real reason. Read more…