Video: Chizik “Auburn” Drinking Game Dries Up

On Jan. 31 I posted a quote from Auburn Athletics’ chief fundraiser Tim Jackson to Kevin Scarbinksy of the BIRMINGHAM NEWS.

Gene Chizik and Tim Jackson on the same page

Here’s an excerpt from Scarbinskys’ story which contains the Jackson quote and an accompanying remark from Auburn Head Football Coach Gene Chizik affirming Jackson’s statement:

In a rare interview in his office Thursday, Jackson said the leadership of Auburn football breaks down like that of an NFL franchise. “Jay Jacobs is the owner. Gene’s the head coach. I’m the general manager.”

Chizik said their management structure “is probably unique in college football. This may not work for everybody else. It works for us. Everybody is on the same page.”

Two weeks before Jackson compared Auburn University’s football program to an NFL franchise, Auburn University Head Football Coach Gene Chizik gave an interview to FOX Sports Houston’s Bart Enis after Chizik won college football’s Bear Bryant Coach of the Year Award.

Here’s Chizik’s first comment when reflecting on winning the award: Read more…