On Celtic’s DUI And Buss’ Secret Cigarette Stash

Yes, it’s true, the Celtics did somehow lose to the Clippers last night. I was there, fifth row. Just as important last night, I discovered that Staples Center has a room called the “Chairman’s Club”, which is a VIP area for celebs and super-rich season tix holders. It’s also open during Clippers games.

Clippers Game

(Shot from my Clippers-branded cellphone - straight from Quickie Mart)

I visited the place last night, which is somewhat reminiscent of the American Airlines Admirals Club at the Indianapolis airport. While there, I was able to stave off the free booze and cigarettes (Jerry Buss has his own, personal pack of Menthols behind the bar) while watching Billy Crystal and Adam Sandler make their way to the can.

Brooks at Clippers game

Wish I could say the same for smiling Gabe Pruitt of the Celtics. (Uh, the booze part.)

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