Lobos Football Only Hiring Good-Looking Ladies?

• An ex-University of New Mexico employee sues the football department, claiming that the Lobos are only looking to employ lovely young ladies.

New Mexico is sexy bikini

(“Hey, that bikini is in our school colors! You’re hired!”)

• South Africa can’t seem to give World Cup tickets away, but they’re going to try anyway.

• Washington Nationals broadcasters take some on-air time lambasting Scott Boras and his high-priced client, Stephen Strasburg.

• Speaking of D.C., Redskins backup QB Colt Brennan denies hooking up with Jessica Simpson. Hope you enjoyed your 15 minutes, Colt.

Brendan Haywood doesn’t think much of Stephon Marbury’s latest online entertainment, but does think he might be gay.

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Tarkenton Likes Vick Signing; PETA, Not So Much

You remember Fran Tarkenton from such hits as “taking the Vikings to three Super Bowls and losing all of them,” and “That former Green Bay quarterback is the devil.” Having established his NFL traditionalist status with the latter, you might be surprised when you learn his take on the Eagles’ signing of Michael Vick.

Philadelphia SPCA Vick protest, Fran Tarkenton

He loves it. In fact, it’s not often that you hear an ex-NFL player use the term “ticked to death,” but that’s how Tarkenton described his feelings when he learned that Philadelphia snapped up Vick last week. Meanwhile, the Rebel Alliance, aka PETA, is planning their next move against the City of Philadelphia, Vick, and anyone who wears fur. R2, I have a bad feeling about this. Read more…

Favre Flap V. 4.0: Wiley Fires Back At Tarkenton

If you’re choosing sides in this developing fracas between ESPN football analyst Marcellus Wiley and former Vikings quarterback great Fran Tarkenton, just ask yourself this question: Can I trust a man who routinely goes on the air pantsless? If the answer is yes, you’ll appreciate these quotes, presented to you fresh from the oven.

Marcellus Wiley on ESPN set

Tarkenton, of course, started the whole thing by ripping Brett Farve, who was (is?) considering coming out of “retirement” to play for the Vikings. Whatever happened to loyalty? asked Tarkenton. Wiley, a former Pro Bowl linebacker, called Tarkenton “a grumpy old man” for the comments. This caused Tarkenton to fire back at Wiley, and now Wiley is responding to Tarkenton … let’s play the feud! Read more…