Panthers Exec Puts Moves On Fox Anchor Chick

Too bad the Florida Panthers themselves aren’t as smooth as one of their vice presidents, Uri Man, who apparently tried to pick up FOX NEWS anchor chick Ainsley Earhardt during an interview on the economy on Saturday. And so “Does pink match yellow?” finally enters the cultural lexicon (video following the jump).

Ainsley Earhardt Uri Man

Man, who is actually the vice president of development for the Panthers’ parent company, at first simply appears to be engaging in friendly banter with Earhardt, mentioning that he knows where she went to college because he’d been “doing some reading on you.” But then the interview started to resemble an encounter at a singles bar. Read more…

GB QB Going Out w/Gorgeous Grapefruit Heiress

• Meet Julie Henderson, SI swimsuit model & grapefruit heiress - oh, and the main squeeze of Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers.

Julie Henderson

• Raider Nation celebrates 50 years of existence, spiked shoulder pads.

• The Miami Dolphins keep having identity issues. First it was Vontae Davis’ false arrest, and now it’s Davone Bess bothered by a fake Twitterer.

Tony Hawk takes a quick skateboard trip through the White House, and FOX NEWS throws a fit.

• Nothing says “I Love You” quite like personalized bobbleheads - just ask Red Sox owner John Henry & his new wife.

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Hawk Skates White House, Panties Bunch At FOX

You, like us, might have a had a good chuckle over those pictures of Tony Hawk skating down a White House hallway. You might have thought it a bit of harmless fun; a great chance for Hawk, and a lighthearted moment for the administration. You must not work at Fox News.

Tony Hawk

(Nice photo, Zapruder)

Turns out the “balance” in “fair and balanced” has nothing to do with skateboarding. Also, it turns out that Tony Hawk’s rampant disregard for history and decorum has EVERYTHING to do with Iran. So Red State America, never the intended X Games audience, has another reason to rage at those skater kids with their long hair and their music and their Pogs and their rainbow parties and their Run DMC.

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