USC Faced Down Floyd’s Salary Extortion Scheme

USC AD Mike Garrett is generally regarded as a figurehead atop the athletic department, but he deserves some credit today.

Tim Floyd USC Basketball

(OK everybody, don’t forget to pass the hat!)

USC hoops coach Tim Floyd has spent the week flirting with coach openings at Memphis and Arizona, going so far as to visit Tucson earlier this week. The night before that visit to southern Arizona to inquire about the Wildcats gig, Floyd gave an impassioned speech to his own players asking them not to consider leaving USC for pro ball.


At the team banquet Tuesday, he implored players to stay at USC. A little more than 12 hours later, he was on a private jet to Tucson. He had also been contacted by Memphis but decided to go to Arizona because, Floyd said, “I was curious to see what constitutes an elite program.”

While some found that hypocritical, I certainly didn’t, considering that Floyd never had any intention of USC.

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