No More “Fore” Play Needed On The Golf Course

I’m not much of a golfer, as any time I spend on a course is usually just me hanging with friends drinking beer while I proceed to take seven swings before finally making contact with the ball and watching it sail a majestic 15 yards or so. I also have no idea which direction those 15 yards will be, so if you’re hitting the links with me, I suggest you stand clear when I’m on the tee or you’ll risk losing an eye.

And people who golf with me

Now before taking my shot, my friends are aware of this, so they take proper precautions.  For others on the course who don’t know me, well, they risk losing an eye because I don’t yell “fore” like I’m supposed to. I’ve often wondered while out there whether I could get in trouble for this or not, should tragedy strike some poor sap ahead of me on the course. And now I have my answer - according to the New York State appeals court, I’m free to fire at will.

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