Longoria-Parker “Shaken” About African Heritage

As I was making my daily rounds paging through Latina.com, I came across a weird piece about Eva Longoria, the wife of Tony Parker who has now taken to calling herself “Eva Longoria-Parker“:

Eva Longoria Tony Parker French Riviera

(”Shaken” in what way? Do tell, Eva.)

Of Mexican heritage and fiercely proud of it, Eva Longoria Parker always thought her ancestral makeup was mostly Mexican-Indian with a smattering of European blood. But she discovered that the opposite is true, among other surprising revelations, when she agreed to participate in the four-part PBS series Faces of America, which debuts Feb.10.

As one of 12 celebrities of various backgrounds who agreed to have their DNA tested for the series, hosted by historian, author and Harvard scholar Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr., Longoria Parker was “a little shaken” to learn that she’s actually 70% European, 27% Asian/indigenous, and 3% African. “Most people don’t realize Mexico has a large slave population,” Gates told her, offering a possible explanation for the African percentage.

Wait, what?

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