Feds: EA Stalker Filmed Another Naked Woman

WLS-TV in Chicago reports this afternoon the FBI has served search warrants at the Northern California offices of Yahoo and Google in connection with the Erin Andrews nude peephole video case.

1st Photo Of Michael David Barrett Erin Andrews Alleged Nude Peephole Videomaker

One of the items they want from Yahoo is a video of another naked woman posted in June to flickr.com. Investigators believe the flickr.com account belongs to 48-year-old Michael Barrett of Westmont.

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Erin Andrews’ Alleged Stalker: “I Am Not Guilty”

This morning here in Los Angeles, the man accused of filming peephole nude videos of Erin Andrews, Michael David Barrett, pleaded not guilty to one count of interstate stalking.

Michael Barrett Video Going To Court in Los Angeles Erin Andrews Stalker

Barrett’s trial is scheduled to begin on Jan. 12.

Barrett faces five years in federal prison if convicted. Barring any unforeseen details of his defense, you would think he could be facing a maximum sentence. If he’s indeed guilty of the crimes, let’s hope so.

Update: Judge Calls Andrews Stalker “Flight Risk”

TMZ reports this afternoon from Michael Barrett’s court proceeding in L.A. that the judge presiding over the interstate stalking case has raised Barrett’s bail from $20,000 to $100,000, along with forbidding Erin Andrews‘ accused stalker from texting. Barrett was also ordered to turn over his passport and he can only phone immediate family members.

Michael Barrett Video Going To Court in Los Angeles Erin Andrews Stalker

Barrett did post bail and was allowed to walk out of court a free man - for now.

Michael David Barrett, the man who stalked and filmed nude peephole video of Erin Andrews, had his first day in court in Los Angeles today:

Thankfully, the TMZ cameraman had the “submarine” lens setting fully enabled and was well-prepared to query Barrett with insightful questions - as you’ll see after the jump.

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Erin Andrews To “Start Thinking About A Family”?

It’s been disconcerting to see the rather muted appearances of a college football fixture like Erin Andrews this season. Yes, she’s been around, and yes, she’s certainly got an excuse for a decreased presence, but we’ve been a little disheartened all the same. Has this whole peephole stalker thing really gotten to her?

Erin Andrews on Oprah

If we had to guess, we’d say “yes, it has.” That’s because in her recent interview with FANHOUSE, Andrews still had good things to say about her job; she just also had good things to say about things that weren’t her job, namely cutting back her work and, in her words, starting a family.

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Erin Andrews Stalker Barrett Ambushed By Media

Michael David Barrett, accused peephole video maker of Erin Andrews, got Madoffed today in Chicago as he sprinted to his car following his (temporary) release from the clink.

Michael David Barrett Video Released

(Geez, can a guy get some privacy around here!)

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Judge Cites “Horrific Crime”, Still Releases Barrett

Erin Andrews’ alleged stalker, Michael David Barrett, was released today by a Chicago court after posting $4,500 bond.

1st Photo Of Michael David Barrett Erin Andrews Alleged Nude Peephole Videomaker

(Michael David Barrett was released from Chicago court today)

U.S. Magistrate Judge Arlander Keys, who prefaced his judgement by saying, “If the allegations are true, they’re horrific“, ordered Barrett to be home confined between 9p and 6a. Barrett will wear a monitoring anklet and will not be allowed internet access for two weeks. He was also ordered to relinquish his passport by tomorrow morning, and he’s not allowed to leave the Chicago area. Read more…

Hotel Employee Couldn’t Be In On It With Barrett?

One of the mysteries of the Erin Andrews peephole video case involving alleged stalker Michael David Barrett is exactly the process of Barrett obtaining a room next to Andrews - a room that would also facilitate not being detected during a lengthy peephole alteration and filming process.

1st Photo Of Michael David Barrett Erin Andrews Alleged Nude Peephole Videomaker

(Why has no one accused hotel employees of complicity in the room bookings?)

Those are questions now thankfully being asked by Andrews’ attorney, Marshall Grossman.

L.A. TIMES today:

Grossman said the Nashville hotel staff was familiar with Andrews and other ESPN personnel.

“One can’t pass this off to simple ignorance,” said Grossman, adding that the incident highlighted the potential for more disastrous consequences.

“You don’t have to extrapolate very far from this to think in terms of somebody out to do even more harm and greater mischief than taping someone,” Grossman said.

So not only did hotel employees facilitate a complete stranger(?) by booking a room in a special area of the hotel where he couldn’t be detected outside her door, but the hacks at the hotel also knew Andrews - and never bothered to ask her if she knew Barrett.


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First Photo Of Erin Andrews’ Stalker Now Posted

Here’s the first photographic glimpse of Michael David Barrett, the man accused of making nude peephole video of ESPN sideline reporter Erin Andrews:

1st Photo Of Michael David Barrett Erin Andrews Alleged Nude Peephole Videomaker


Barrett is due in court this morning for a bond hearing. Read more…

Likeness Of Andrews Peephole Suspect Released

Here’s an artist’s rendering of Michael David Barrett, the man accused of stalking and filming peephole videos of Erin Andrews:

Michael David Barrett Likeness Released

(Credit: Associated Press)

He’ll appear in court again on Monday. That’s when a Chicago judge will determine if he’ll be released on bond and allowed to travel alone to Los Angeles where he faces interstate stalking charges. Those charges carry a max penalty of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Despite his reportedly clean record, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to think that Barrett could be a flight risk.

Now for the most perplexing part of this whole case. Read more…

Possible Erin Andrews Stalker Appears In Public

Michael David Barrett appeared in a Chicago court this morning “looking tan and dressed in an orange prison jumpsuit.”

Erin Andrews black dress

After a brief, five minute appearance, a judge will now decide on Monday if Barrett will be released on bond that day to travel alone to Los Angeles to face charges in a U.S. District Court, where he’s accused of trying to sell naked videos of Erin Andrews to TMZ.

Characterized as a “stocky insurance company employee“, Barrett’s lawyer, who described himself as a longtime friend of the suspect, expressed profound surprise over Barrett’s alleged actions.

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