Mangini Demanding Costly Changes In Cleveland

As much as you don’t want to harp on the state of the economy when talking about sports (they are supposed to be a distraction from it, after all), it’s getting harder and harder not to as sports leagues become affected by everything. I mean, when a league as strong as the NFL has to start laying off employees that’s when you know something is terribly, terribly wrong.

(”This is where I want the gold-plated 42-inch plasma”)

It’s not just the league, either, as teams have had to let workers go over the last few months in an effort to save money. For instance, the Cleveland Browns had to lay off 18 people this offseason, and that doesn’t even include Romeo Crennel and the rest of his deposed coaching staff. Well, new coach Eric Mangini is very happy the Browns are saving the money they would have needed to pay all those folks. He’s so happy that he’s now demanding they spend it on changes to the team’s facilities.

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