Audio: Emmitt Position On Vick Gets Blowed Out

Las Vegas sports radio titan Steve Cofield today sends along some audio of Emmitt Smith analyzing the future comeback of Michael Vick on ESPN-TV in 2007.

Michael Vick Emmitt Smith

“Like Parcells said I’m not sure he will play at the quarterback position and if I’m a general manager and I’m looking at Michael Vick right now, spending a year and a half, to two years or three years away from the game, I cannot have this guy as my quarterback.

“First of all he had a lot of issues trying to grasp the offense, go through the reads and find the right receivers in the first place. Let alone now spending three, three years or whatever many, however many time, how much time he’s away from the game trying to get that back when he come back it’s going to be very, very difficult.

“BUT, this is a guy who is very athletic. You can bring him in, have him play some kind of position on the football field whether it be punt return, kickoff return, third down wide receiver. Possibly even running back. Like to run the ball anyway so give him a chance at that.”

So despite last night’s stunning performance against the Redskins, Vick still hasn’t earned the Rite of Patches. Or Rice of Passage, for that matter. Read more…