Emmanuelle Chriqui Sure Throws a Mean 1st Pitch

One of the sillier traditions in baseball (and that’s saying something) is the celebrity first pitch before every single stinkin’ ballgame. While there’s nothing wrong with commemorating milestones (either on the field or from the celebrity in question), it just seems kind of pointless to have someone weakly toss a baseball halfway to home plate before every single game just because.

Emmanuelle Chriqui

That said, if you’re going to host a celebrity before every home ballgame, you might as well do it in style. The Los Angeles Dodgers more than any other team seem to understand the spectacle portion of the first pitch. Last month it was the Kardashians limp-wristedly playing with balls; this past week it was hottie Emmanuel Chriqui. Looks like the famously late-arriving Dodger Stadium crowd missed a good one.

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