Clinton, Obama Called Tiger; Mom The Source?

In a recently published piece, celebrated golf writer Jaime Diaz of GOLF DIGEST has the most credible account of the life of Tiger Woods since his Thanksgiving accident. Why? It appears that some of the previously unreported information cited by Diaz came from the mother of the golfer, Kultida Woods.

Bill Clinton called Tiger Woods

Last year as part of a GOLF DIGEST profile of Kultida, Diaz traveled with her to her native Thailand as part of what turned out to be the definitive portrait of mother Woods.

Kultida Woods and Jaime Diaz

(Golf Digest’s Diaz also profiled Tiger’s Mom in May, 2009, from Thailand)

In his latest Golf Digest effort posted on the web last week, Diaz reports scads of new, intimate details about Tiger Woods’ ordeal. Most importantly, the story includes new on-the-record quotes from Kultida. That access may have happened because of the relationship forged during the Golf Digest profile by Diaz on Kultida.

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LPGAer: Heard Of Tiger’s Alleged Infidelity In July

Swedish newspaper AFTONBLADET reports LPGA player Helen Alfredsson confirmed to Sweden’s TV4 what has long been discussed in hushed tones by golf media: Tiger Woods’ infidelity talk among golfers started last July at The Open at Turnberry.

Helen Alfredsson Said She Heard Tiger Was Cheating During 2009 British Open

Last Sunday, Alan Shipnuck of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED reported:

I remember at Turnberry, after Woods missed the cut, a few of us were sitting in the press room discussing the various rumors we’d heard about Tiger and Elin having a big blowup that week and whether or not that played a role in his poor play. It was out there, but no one asked Tiger a question about it before he fled. In the future, I’m sure someone will ask the question.

Tiger Missed Cut At 2009 British Open

(LPGAer: Tiger alleged infidelity talk while he missed Brit Open cut)

Swede Alfredsson? Same:

“I heard it last summer during the British Open. In the quietest water swims the ugliest fish.”

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