Chris Berman ‘not proud’ Of Tiger Media Coverage

While playing in a charity golf tournament this week, ESPN personality Chris Berman was asked his thoughts by Woody Womack of the NAPLES (FL) DAILY NEWS about how the media was covering the Tiger Woods story.

Chris Berman

(Does Elin agree?)

“There are times that I’m not very proud of my business,” Berman said. “Am I surprised that it’s being covered like this? Not really, but there are times I’m not proud of my business.”

I’m assuming Berman doesn’t consider and the NATIONAL ENQUIRER “my business“, yet the now-confirmed accurate reporting of those two outlets on what we now know is a legitimate story eventually led the greatest golfer of all time to suddenly halt his playing career indefinitely.

Along the way, the main media, including ESPN, has mostly stuck to reporting only material news as it pertains to Woods’ golf career. That includes Woods initial press release acknowledging “transgressions”, sponsors officially scaling back their relationships with the golfer and most importantly Woods eventual acknowledgement that reports of his infidelity were true.

I’ve watched main media coverage of the Woods story as closely as anyone and can confirm that the mainstream outlets I’ve tracked have unanimously steered cleared of unconfirmed innuendo. Of course, as the days and weeks passed, we’re learning more and more that many of those same stories that seemed impossible to believe are now entering the realm of probable. Read more…