Report: Police Motorcade Arrives To “Escort Elin”

UPDATE: X17 posts at 6:42p ET:

Although Elin was thought to have been leaving for her own house in Sweden this morning with the kids, the police motorcade was sent away not long after it arrived in the Windermere gated community. So it seems that Elin is still in Florida…but for how long?

UPDATE: X17 adds at 2:30p ET: “Two police choppers are also hovering overhead waiting for the motorcade to start their move.”

X17Online reports today:

Elin Nordegren Spotted Without Her Wedding Band

Two cop cars and eight police motorcycles have just entered Tiger Woods‘ Isleworth gated community in Windermere, Florida, presumably to escort Elin out.

An X17 photographer on the scene tells us, “With Tiger off on his yacht, Elin’s had enough. She’s ready to take the kids and go back to Sweden. And with this many cops on bikes entering the community, we can only imagine they’re preparing a motorcade for her to get herself and the kids to the airport quickly and safely.”

10 police officers is some serious security and indicates a significant trip.

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Elin Bought a House In Sweden Two Weeks Ago

Nancy Dillon and Corky Siemaszko of the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS reports that Elin Nordegren recently bought a house in Sweden, which has “fueled speculation (in Sweden) she might take the kids back to her homeland to start a new life far from her transgressing Tiger.

Elin Nordegren Buys Home In Sweden

(Nordegren bought $2M home in native Sweden ‘two weeks ago’)

“The official story from her family is that she bought the place with her twin sister, Josefin, not with Tiger,” said Poppe Linge of HPG, a Swedish news agency. “It belonged to a professional soccer player who wanted privacy,” Linge said. “I heard she started looking at it last summer and bought it two weeks ago.”

So the $2 million dollar purchase was consumated “two weeks ago”? Woods’ car accident happened 13 days ago and the NATIONAL ENQUIRER report of his alleged affair with Rachel Uchitel hit news stands the day before the accident. Coincidence? Read more…

Report: Elin Nordegren Moves Out Of Family Home is reporting that Tiger Woods’s wife Elin Nordegren has allegedly “moved out” of the couple’s house.

Elin Nordegren to get $80M in new pre-nup with Woods

Elin Nordegren had enough and moved out of the $2.6 million Windermere home, neighbors and other sources close to Tiger, told exclusively. Sources tell that Elin is living nearby in another house.

Tiger and his reps are keeping Elin’s move top secret and hope she will come back to the house as soon as possible. They don’t want any publicity about what is going on in the marriage since Tiger’s cheating was revealed.

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