Curry Can’t Pay $570,000 Loan - At 85% Interest

The only thing harder for Eddy Curry right now than getting on the court for the Knicks is paying his bills. That’ll happen though when you take out a personal loan for $570,000 - with an 85 percent interest rate.

Eddy Curry

Curry, hoping for court-ordered relief from a 2008 loan that has now ballooned to $1.2 million thanks to interest, was recently ordered by New York State Supreme Court Justice Jane Solomon to pay lender Allstar Capital $75,000 a month plus interest.

Of the loan, Allstar lawyer Donald David said, “He never paid any portion of it.

Solomon also cleared Allstar Capital to seize two 2009 Range Rovers and a 2009 Rolls-Royce Phantom convertible owned by Curry. That leaves Curry with nine cars, most of which are driven by relatives and his entourage.

In response to Solomon’s judgement, Curry’s legal counsel argued that he couldn’t pay the $75,000 per month to Allstar because of his current bills, which include:

$30,000 a month in “household expenses”
$17,000 a month to relatives and “dependants”
$6,000 a month for his personal chef
$350,000 he owes Juwan Howard
$1,075 a month in cable and satellite TV service
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