Week In Review: Laker Fans’ Celebration is a Riot

• The Lakers win the NBA title, and many Angelenos celebrate accordingly - if “Angeleno” is Spanish for “a$$hole“.

Lakers fan riot

• Baseball phenom Bryce Harper don’t need no education, plans to skip final two years of high school to become eligible for next year’s MLB draft.

• Posing for a new photoshoot, Anna Kournikova shows she’s still A-OK.

• “Joe Buck Live” makes its long-awaited(?) debut, and Artie Lange insures that it’s a memorable one.

• The mom of porn star Catalina Cruz used to work as a secretary for former Cleveland Browns coach Sam Rutigliano.

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McHale’s Move From Minny Tweeted With By Love

Kevin Love is the first one to tell, er, Tweet the world that Kevin McHale would be leaving the Timberwolves.

Kevin McHale Kevin Love Minnesota Timberwolves

• Now that’s what you call a road test fiesta! Thanks, Top Gear!

• Could Coach K depart Duke to land as head honcho for the Lakers?

Eddie Van Halen is very hot at Nike for ripping off his guitar to design their new shoes.

• The Stanley Cup takes a dip in Mario Lemieux’s pool.

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Eddie Van Halen Not So Hot For Nike Shoe Design

When I think of “athletic,” pretty much the last thing I think of is Eddie Van Halen. Contrary to what he might claim, he didn’t get mouth and tongue cancer from having his guitar pick in his mouth: I can’t remember a picture of him from Van Halen’s glory days (i.e. pre-Sammy Hagar) that didn’t involve him sucking down a Marlboro. We’re talking the music version of Vlade Divac here.

Eddie Van Halen

So you might find it pretty surprising that he’s involved with anything to do with Nike. But KTLA-TV says that he’s suing the shoe company for copyright infringement. Specifically, he’s claiming that the design on Nike’s new “Dunk Low” sneakers is a rip off of his famous “Frankenstein” guitar (seen being played by Eddie Van Halen on a clip from “Late Night with David Letterman” from the 1980s):

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