ESPN Chicago Site Crushes Tribune In 3 Months!

Brooks Barnes of the NEW YORK TIMES has a story today on why the flagging fortunes of the local sports media in your life is about to take the final leg down.

ESPN Monolith Ready To Crush Local Markets

(ESPN: Closing In On The Perfect Corporate Monolith)

Barnes reports that in less than three months, the Chicago-centric ESPN website has 23% more visitors than the sports area of the CHICAGO TRIBUNE website. Now you know why the Tribune is so desperate to hire Chicago-based bomb-thrower Jay Marrioti.

Emboldened by steamrolling the yocals in Chicago, ESPN is now set to roll out similar sites in New York, L.A. and Dallas. Barnes has various reax from the rapidly-fossilizing outlets in the crosshairs, who don’t seem to realize they’re on the brink of extinction. (Craigslist ring a bell?) Read more…