TTU Massively Exaggerates Tuberville Fundraising

During the September 5 ESPN football broadcast between SMU and Texas Tech, ESPN sideline reporter Holly Rowe reported on-air that new Red Raider football coach Tommy Tuberville had already made an enormous impact in his fundraising for the school.

Holly Rowe Reports Tuberville Raised $25 Million For Texas Tech

(*Judge Smails Voice* “IT WAS AN HONEST MISTAKE!”)

With information reportedly obtained from Texas Tech, Rowe claimed that the coach who most recently replaced Mike Leach had already raked in tens of millions in donations for the school.

Rowe’s report seemed to indicate that Texas Tech fans were finally getting over the wildly unpopular departure of Leach which TTU’s own attorneys have stated in public documents was necessary because of legal threats against the school by ESPN college football announcer Craig James.

If only ESPN’s report of Tuberville’s fundraising efforts were true. Or even close.

Here’s the entire exchange on the ESPN telecast on September 5 between Rowe and ESPN announcers Mark Jones and Bob Davie: Read more…