Hurricane Punishment? Talk To UNC Player’s Hand

Earlier this week, North Carolina receiver Dwight Jones claimed to that he had been deliberately punched or kicked in the groin during UNC’s football game against Miami last Saturday in Chapel Hill.

Micanor Regis Stomps On Wrist Of Giovani Bernard

(That’s Giovani Bernard’s hand. I think.)

Jones on the incident:

“I got punched in the groin by one of the Miami players… They were playing dirty… it definitely wasn’t an accident.”

Video from the ACC Network / telecast of the game verifies the claim by Jones, with the UNC receiver seen getting punched in the groin by Miami defensive lineman Micanor Regis while Jones was stuck at the bottom of a pile of Hurricane defenders early in the third quarter.

The blow by Regis caused Jones to leave the game - which was noted on the telecast  - though the UNC receiver latered returned. ACC Network announcers Steve Martin and Dave Archer did not mention the dirty play by Regis.

Micanor Regis Groin Punches Dwight Jones Video

Then there’s the other egregious cheap shot Regis delivered on a UNC player earlier in the game. Read more…