TMZ By ESPN: “50 pct of NBA wives are groupies”

Today was yet another episode of the “Groupie Strikes Back“, with an apparent female acquaintance of Miami Heat player Dorell Wright posting a pic of his junk on her public account. The unfortunate photo followed my Sunday piece on NBA and NFL ballers meeting groupies through the same social networking website.

TMZ by ESPN NBA players and groupies

(PTI’s Dan Le Batard? Prob Not Big Fan Of TMZ-By-ESPN’s “Player X”)

ESPN The Magazine also recently had a take on NBA groupies from an anonymous current  player. Though despite complete confidentiality, “Player X Blog” seemed more a nod to keeping up appearances with the TMZ crowd than providing provocative content. (I don’t need to tell you what the magazine business is like these days!)

Yet we were provided one unintentionally amusing insight a typical NBAer’s nuptials. Read more…