Mark Grace: Died At Fantasy Camp? That’s $2 Fine

Dan Bickley of the ARIZONA REPUBLIC with a gem of a column today. Lede:

Don Schulz died at Fantasy Camp, fined $2 by Mark Grace

The dawn of baseball season seemed so bright. The Diamondbacks had reunited with Gonzo (Luis Gonzalez), now a club employee. They had refitted with some deft moves from their general manager, adding the spice of promise to spring training. And then Donald Schulz, a converted Cubs fan, simply stole the moment.

He went out and died in fantasy camp.

“He was just a good old Chicago boy,” Diamondbacks broadcaster Mark Grace said. “And it just sucked.”

Save the tears. This is not a sad story.

Former IRS Agent Schulz was a 75-year-old widower who was already a wreck, reduced to non-participation because of heart problems that resulted in a pacemaker.

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