Dommanic Will Always Be a (Lake) Michigan Man

The Michigan sports website MGOBLOG links up a fun “where are they now” update from the SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS about Wolverines basketball player Dommanic Ingerson.

Dommanic Ingerson Nude In San Francisco Bay

A man who was evading police after committing two thefts in downtown Oakland on Wednesday jumped into Lake Merritt and swam from one side to the other, emerging naked to waiting police, authorities said.

Dommanic Ingerson, 26, of San Leandro, was arrested on suspicion of grand theft and suspicion of robbery. When he went into the water, he reportedly was wearing black shorts or trunks, but when he came out of the water he was naked, police said.

Police said that between 2:22 and 2:44 p.m. Wednesday, he stole one woman’s jacket in Jack London Square and another woman’s purse at Broadway and Eighth Street. Neither woman was injured.

Not the end of the story, not even close. Read more…