Leyritz Arrested Again, This Time For Hitting Wife

Under most circumstances, we support the frequent and copious intake of alcohol by all people of all (legal) ages. It is, as noted philosopher Homer Simpson once said, the cause of and solution to all of life’s problems. Homer had a point, but then, he never played for the New York Yankees.

Jim Leyritz

(We were hoping to not have to use this photo again.)

1996 World Series hero Jim Leyritz did, however, play for the Yankees, and provides an interesting counterpoint to Homer’s booze-fueled adage. For Leyritz, booze has been the cause of a lot of a problems - from DUI to vehicular homicide to attempted DUI - but not many solutions. Leyritz is awaiting trial on the vehicular homicide charge, and in preparation he has taken up a new hobby to fill his time. Unfortunately, the new hobby? (Allegedly) beating his wife. Alcohol, of course, was involved.

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