Massive Match-Fixing Investigation at Wimbledon

Here in the good old US-of-A, sports fans have done quite a bit of complaining and hand-wringing about steroids. Are they upsetting the fine competitive balance of sports? Are they upsetting the natural order of things? Well, maybe, probably not. But that doesn’t mean that sportswriters and fans haven’t a whole bunch of time pondering such things.


(Amelie Mauresmo: Blurring the line between men’s and women’s tennis since 1995.)

In actuality, we should be thanking our lucky stars that our sports here in Americaland that our sports are as relatively scandal- and corruption-free as they are.  Compare any of our major sports to, say, tennis, where Russian and Italian elements have combined their vodka and pasta fueled brains to completely destroy the integrity of pro tennis, including ye olde Wimbledon.

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