Is Canseco Trying To Tell Us Cal Ripken Juiced?

McGwire, Sosa, Clemens, ARod, Manny, Papi: Can it get any worse?

Did Cal Ripken Juice? If not Jose, then who?

(If Canseco sez it wasn’t Rickey, then which HOFer is on 2003 steroid list?)

Based on what Jose Canseco said Thursday, probably.

Everyone’s favorite circus side show guested on ESPN 950AM in Philly to talk about the latest steroid revelation, which implicated David Ortiz via a 2003 test of 103 MLBers.

During the visit with Mike Missanelli, Canseco strongly suggested twice that as many as two baseball Hall of Famers could be found on the same 2003 positive steroid result list that ensnared the aforementioned five players.


“What if there were some athletes who’ve been inducted into the Hall of Fame that are on that 100-player (2003) list?”

Later in the interview, Canseco also brings up the possibility of “one or two” current Hall of Famers who were on the 2003 list.

OK, so if that’s the case, it should be pretty easy to figure out who Canseco is talking about. Among baseball Hall of Famers, there is only one MLBer who was active in 2003: Rickey Henderson.

So Henderson is the guy, right Jose?

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Actually, probably not. Canseco denied during the interview having any knowledge that Henderson juiced.

Okay then, who does that leave as possibilities? Read more…