Actually, There’s No Better Authority On Subject

Tweet from rookie Sacramento Kings big man DeMarcus Cousins the night the Lakers won the NBA title:

DeMarcus Cousins

Just what the Kings needed.

Cousins: ‘He might hurt somebody to tell the truth’

Before ballers started faking college for 15 minutes before going pro, I actually looked forward to the NBA Draft. Now only hoops junkies with an Armenian translator on retainer care about the process.

DeMarcus Cousins

But this year, thanks to DeMarcus Cousins, is different.

Cousins is the first guy in a looong time to actually bring some genuine intrigue to the NBA Draft. Why? Because though he’s a top talent, he’s also a major league a-hole. Just ask his teammate at Kentucky, Daniel Orton. Read more…

NBA Scout On UK’s Cousins: “he is on bigtime meds”

Aran Smith of has a breakdown of DeMarcus Cousins that includes commentary from an unnamed NBA Scout:

One scout when asked about Cousins chances of going top 5 texted me this (over a week ago):

DeMarcus Cousins

“No way…mental issues…he is on bigtime meds i hear…not athletic enough for me talent wise also…but he has been great last month…”

That same scout has since stated that he thinks Cousins will probably go “very high” in the draft, but says he wouldn’t touch him in the top five for fear of off court issues.

Perhaps part of Cousins’ on- and off-court issues are psychological and require medication, but I think there’s another clear reason for what some would characterize as self-destructive behavior. Read more…

UK Fans Can Claim Cousins As One Of Their Own

DeMarcus Cousins found out today what cuisine-conscious Kentucky fans already know first-hand.

DeMarcus Cousins loses tooth against Arkansas

(Anyone named ‘Cousins’ automatically a fan favorite in Kentucky)

A steady diet of Razorback can lead to tooth loss.

Top Kentucky Hoops Freshman As a Power Ranger

Daniel Orton will face insane scrutiny as a highly-touted 6-10 freshman at Kentucky, so it’s good to see him efforting already, even if it is his Halloween costume. (Okay, I know, a stretch. Work with me.)

Daniel Orton as a Power Ranger

(From Kentucky Sportsradio)

Orton, on the left, is a Might Morphin Power Ranger. At least that’s what they tell me.  Next to him is teammate DeMarcus Cousins, who might consider giving that drawstring a chance.

Let’s just hope this doesn’t inspire Billy Gillispie to try to go all Speed Racer on us this evening.