Shaq Facing Tiger-like Media, Sponsor Meltdown?

An increasing din emanating from urban gossip blogs about the alleged extramarital dalliances of Shaquille O’Neal has grown considerably the past two months.

Shaq with 4 blondes, Estranged Wife Shaunie

(Inset: O’Neal’s estranged wife Shaunie)

That smoke has since wafted over to and, with both outlets now covering accusations from a woman, repped by Gloria Allred, alleging O’Neal harassed her. Also, as recently as today, RadarOnline produced a woman it claimed was an alleged mistress of O’Neal.

So are we starting to get to the point where O’Neal’s rep with the media, fans and sponsors is about to take a monster, Tiger-like hit? Before you answer, keep reading.

On November 5, the urban blog Young, Black & Fabulous alleged that O’Neal was having an affair with Laura Govan,  the fiancee of Gilbert Arenas. The website subsequently produced emails and other evidence in an attempt to prove that O’Neal had trysts with Govan.

On November 10, O’Neal’s wife Shaunie separated from her husband of seven years with the intention of filing for divorce. The couple has four kids together.

After the YBF report, O’Neal drastically curtailed his Tweeting. Ironic considering that he was the first major athlete to use Twitter liberally. Arenas has since denied that an affair happened between O’Neal and his fiancee, though O’Neal has made no public statement about the report.

Vanessa Lopez press conference about Shaq

(Tim Floyd seen hovering, envelope in hand)

Then on December 4, Young Black & Fabulous struck again.

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Alleged Emails: Shaq & NBA Baller’s Baby Momma

Yesterday I noted how was once again reporting that Shaquille O’Neal was have an extramarital affair. (His wife Shaunie recently filed for divorce.) The same site in November reported that Shaq had sex with the fiancee and mother of Gilbert Arenas‘ children.

Shaq emails LaTosha Lee Cheats On His Wife

This time accuses Shaq of having sex *shudder* with the girlfriend and baby momma of Minnesota Timberwolves player Damien Wilkins. Similar to the Arenas report, the website has what it claims is an email exchange between Shaq and Wilkins’ girlfriend, a “stripper from Atlanta” named LaTosha Lee. Read more…

Not Again! Shaq With NBA Baller’s Baby Momma?

First the folks at Young Black & Fabulous told us that Shaquille O’Neal was (allegedly) fooling around the Gilbert Arenas‘ baby momma and fiancee, and now is back with an allegation that Shaq is hooking up with another NBA baller’s baby momma:

LaTosha Lee Stripper From Atlanta Who Hooked Up With Shaq

Shaq must make a habit out of making other NBA ballers’ baby mamas his jump-offs. has just learned that Shaq cheated on Shaunie for the last year with Oklahoma Thunder baller Damien Wilkins’ baby’s mama. Latosha Lee–a stripper from Atlanta who now lives in Orlando–and Damien–originally from Georgia–share a son and are no longer a couple. But we have seen the risque and juicy emails between a very married Shaquille O’Neal and Ms. Lee.

Like the Arenas report, which included emails and was never denied by O’Neal, claims to have emails between the two and even a nude image (above) sexted from Lee to Shaq. And that’s not even all the documentation! Read more…

Thunder Say OKC Is A Windblown Wasteland

Oklahoma City fans are so paranoid about their team. They ought to relax, since the Thunder are locked into a nice long lease. And owner Clay Bennett would never think about breaking a lease…

Oklahoma City

Okay, let’s start this over. Oklahoma City is so defensive about being considered a major league sports city (spoiler alert: it’s not), that in their big post-season wrap-up, THE OKLAHOMAN makes sure to ask each player their likes and dislikes about the city. While the pros range from “there’s no traffic” to “no one bothers me for autographs” to “there’s very little traffic,” all the players agree on what they hate about the OKC:

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