Boat Recovered & 1 Rescued, NFLers Still Missing

• The boat carrying missing NFLers Corey Smith & Marquis Cooper has been found, and one survivor was rescued. However, the two players and another passenger still haven’t been found.

Corey Smith Marquis Cooper

• Does Bill Belichick treat all his ex-assistants-turned-NFL-head-coaches the same way?

• Speaking of, Eric Mangini is making drastic changes with the Browns - such as moving the video room up one floor at a cost of $500,000.

• DC Comics’ lawyers come down faster than a speeding bullet on the NBA for marketing “Krypto-Nate” T-shirts without their permission.

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NBA’s Newest Kryptonite: DC Comics’ Legal Team

When we attended All-Star Weekend and saw all the trappings that are now required to participate in a dunk contest, we had two thoughts.  First, will next year’s dunk contest cost more to mount than “Cleopatra“?  And second, how did the NBA get away with using so much of DC Comics’ intellectual property (including the Hall of Justice!) without irritating Time Warner?

Nate Robinson dunks over Dwight Howard

(You owe DC Comics 12 cents for looking at this photo)

While we may not know about the former yet (though we hear Michael Bay is helming LeBron James’ first dunk next year), we now know the answer to the latter: the NBA didn’t get away with it.

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