McGwire Drug Dealer: Steroids Weren’t For Injuries

ESPN’s T.J. Quinn has comments today from a drug dealer who the FBI has long claimed provided steroids to Mark McGwire.

Curtis Wenzlaff

On Thursday, Curtis Wenzlaff confirmed what had been reported and confirmed by FBI sources and documents nearly five years earlier — that he supplied the drugs to (Jose) Canseco and (Mark) McGwire and he added that the drugs were to help McGwire become a better baseball player, not to recover from an injury.

Wenzlaff, speaking to ESPN’s Outside the Lines, said he feels there is no doubt that the array of drugs he provided McGwire helped him become a more-accomplished home-run hitter. “Will it help you hit a baseball?” Wenzlaff said. “Let me put it to you this way. If Paris Hilton was to take that array, she could run over Dick Butkus.”

In 2005 the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS reported Wenzlaff gave McGwire the following: “½ cc of testosterone cypionate every three days; one cc of testosterone enanthate per week; ¾ cc of equipoise and Winstrol V, every three days — all to be injected into the buttocks.

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