iPhone App Reminds Cubs Fans Their Team Sucks

For generations, the Chicago Cubs have provided the nation with baseball punchlines - think of 1908, Eamus Catuli, Lee Elia, billy goats, Harry Caray, and any number of other Cubs-related names/dates/objects that instantly convey the idea of the “lovable losers” from the North Side. Even the stadium has evolved into a tourist attraction, something to gawk at to take away from the lackluster play on the field. Every year, national and local media alike write long stories about the Cubs’ futility. It’s not something that Cubs fans can forget, even if they tried.

Cubs iPhone App

(The only way this could possibly be any more annoying is if it played Feist songs.)

But in case all the reminders across the city of Chicago and the general sports consciousness weren’t enough…yep, there’s an app for that. Amazingly, software developer Bearded Pony has just released an iPhone app that will constantly remind Cubs fans just how much their team sucks, for the low price of $0.99!

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