Mark Cuban On Journalism: You Know He’s Right

Tuesday Mark Cuban offered the KZTK-FM listening audience in Texas an authoritarian authoritative analyses of sports journalism and how it has been impacted by the faltering media business model.

In the video above, I’ve snipped some highlights of Cuban’s claims about the wretched state of the sports reporting - which he attributes to the fractured financial state of the media biz.

Here’s a taste of Cuban’s comments from the interview:

I think what’s happened is it has changed people who were journalists into page view trolls. You know, they right to get page views, they write to keep their job as opposed to writing what they think would be the best journalism. …

… The media business has evolved very, very quickly over the last few years. So the business has changed to such a degree that people (journalists) have no choice but to troll for page views and do whatever they can …

… The bigger point that everybody’s missing is that, they’re saying, ‘well, we’re not going to go to the Mavs website,’ trust me, if I wanted to hire you or Adrian Wojnarowski or Marc Stein and just let them go and do their thing and have them (do it) from the Mavs’ own website, I can easily do it and have just as much impact.

I contacted Yahoo Sports NBA writer Adrian Wojnarowski about Cuban’s comments. Here was his response after listening to the interview:

Mark is a great owner and a great businessman but I don’t believe that he believes will ever compete with Yahoo! Sports on the NBA — or compete with any of the major sports sites.

And for the vast fortune Mark’s amassed, I know he doesn’t believe he will have ever enough money to hire me to work for a team website.

Maybe it didn’t sound like it in the audio but I think he’s kidding.”

Listen for yourself:

You can listen KZTK host Reid Kerr’s entire interview with Cuban by clicking through to this page.

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