Could Voicemail Recordings Hurt James At ESPN?

More details of Mike Leach’s lawsuit against Texas Tech were released earlier this week, including allegations that ESPN announcer Craig James twice called Texas Tech position coaches in an attempt to influence how the staff was handling his son, team inside receiver Adam James.

Mike Leach accused Craig James of making inappropriate calls to his coaching staff

(Do Leach’s lawyers have actual voicemail recordings from James?)

Leach’s lawsuit maintains that Craig James called Tech Director of Football Operations Tommy McVay in September, “to tell him, in effect, that you coaches are crazy and you’re screwing my kid.”

Leach’s lawsuit also alleges that James called then-Tech assistant coach Lincoln Riley the same day about his son, “stating, in effect, ‘You don’t know what you’re doing. Adam James is the best player at the wide receiver position. If you’ve got the balls to call me back, and I don’t think you do, call me back.’

I’m not going to speculate what impact those alleged phone calls could have on the Leach lawsuit against Texas Tech. But if Leach’s lawyers can materially prove that James indeed did say those things in phone calls to Texas Tech football coaches, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to think that ESPN executives would be concerned about James broadcasting games for the network in the future.

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