NBA Cheerleaders Also Feeling An Economic Pinch

• The economic squeeze is being felt on the Denver Nuggets cheerleaders, as they’re now only being brought in to work weekend games.

Denver Nuggets Dancers

(Looking for a handout?)

Fortunately, the Nuggets Dancers (above) are still fully employed - for now.

• One more reason not to care about the WBC: The U.S.A. is D.O.A.

• It’s good when an NFL player wants to mop up a mess. It’s not good when said mop is used to attack the mother of said player’s children.

• Probable #1 MLB pick already repped by Scott Boras. This should go well.

• Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez once threw out the first pitch at a Mets game. Wonder what Fidel Castro would have blogged about that?

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Raider Charged With Baby Mama Mop Beatdown

If domestic violence were a sport, the NFL would be chock-full of two-sport athletes. Steelers WR Santonio Holmes would own the speed record, allegedly assaulting the mother of his 18-week-old child. Longtime QB Warren Moon was a gamechanger, successfully arguing that choking his wife into unconsciousness was just “restraining her.” And Broncos WR Brandon Marshall’s got to be the iron man of abuse; why, he’s probably assaulted his girlfriend twice since you started reading this.

Cornell Green Raiders

My point is, it’s tough to stand out in a crowded field of NFL domestic violence perpetrators. So give props to the Oakland Raiders’ Cornell Green, who scored headlines and style points with an innovative new way to beat the mother of his children: with a mop.

Mug shot goodness, after the jump.

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