Ronaldo’s Terrifying ‘Night Of A Hundred Trannies’

You see in Brazil, they know how to scorn an opponent. You make your tiny, weak sign accusing Manny Ramirez of taking steroids, they unfurl a giant banner declaring Ronaldo “King of the Transvestites”. Nice teamwork and execution there. Plus, it’s a positive, upbeat message: They’re not saying that Ronaldo is a “dirty transvestite lover” or something like that. He is their king!

Flamengo fans, Ronaldo

Fans of Brazilian soccer club Flamengo are obviously a little peeved at our chubby hero for forsaking their team at the last minute and signing with arch rival Corinthians a while back. Add to that Ronaldo’s infamous run-in with a couple of transvestite hookers last year, and you have the makings for comedy gold on Saturday at Maracanã stadium, when Corinthians came to town. But the banner was only the beginning. Read more…

Ronaldo In Hot Water For Pinching, Pulling Hair

Memorial Day is about America, and how awesome we are. So in that spirit I give you one of the greatest soccer players in history, being given a timeout for fighting like a girl.


Ronaldo, quite a few years past his prime, is toiling for Corinthians soccer club in São Paulo. TV cameras caught him last week pinching and pulling the hair of an opposing player, and now he’s got to go before a sports tribunal and explain his actions. I think I saw this on a telenovela once.

Video after the jump.

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